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Since 1961 Singapore Institute of Architects has represented the professional interests of Singapore’s architects.
Membership in SIA will enable you to enjoy a wealth of privileges and benefits to help you in your career as an Architect.
S$1550 incl. GST
Entrance Fee S$ 1000
( One-off )
Annual Subscription S$ 550
( Recurring Annually )

Individuals who are licensed to practice in Singapore.

S$750 incl. GST
Entrance Fee S$ 500
( One-off )
Annual Subscription S$ 250
( Recurring Annually )

Graduates who are not a licensed architect but have obtained a recognized architecture degree OR Individuals who are voting members of Architects Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA) or the International Union of Architects (UIA).

S$50 incl. GST
Entrance Fee S$ 0

Annual Subscription S$ 50
( Recurring Annually )

Undergraduates with a full-time course in architecture in a university or educational institute recognized or acceptable to Council.